M300 Pro GNSS Receiver

M300 Pro is a professional CORS GNSS receiver can fit all the requirements for a reference station

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The M300 Pro is designed as a multi-purpose GNSS receiver for a wide range of applications. With its powerful integration ability, the M300 Pro serves as a key part of positioning infrastructure, active geodetic network, deformation monitoring system, machine guidance, harbor construction, land surveying, marine surveying and in any project where accuracy and reliability matter the most.

Feel free to remote login M300 pro receiver at:; Username: guest, password: guest.

  • GPS:L1/L2/ L5, BeiDou B1/B2/B3,¬†GLONASS:L1/L2, Galileo, QZSS
  • Compact housing with flexible interfaces for external devices
  • User-friendly front panel display and configuration
  • Full remote control with powerful built-in webserver
  • Large capacity internal memory and expendable memory
  • Integrated battery serves as a primary power or an UPS


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