K700 OEM Board

The Sino GNSS K700 is an entry level cost-effective GNSS engine which can deliver sub-meter and centimeter (SBAS and RTK) positioning for various applications.


As a cost-effective GNSS OEM board, K700 is scalable for sub-meter to centimeter-level positioning applications such as GIS, GNSS guidance, precision agriculture, deformation monitoring system. It is able to track GPS L1, BeiDou B1, GLONASS L1 and SBAS, which also supports PPS, Event Marker and short baseline RTK. The size, weight and power specifications of the K700 make it easy to be customized and integrated.

  • GPS L1, BeiDou B1, GLONASS L1,SBAS
  • DP-Filter Smooth Function
  • Advanced QuantumTMĀ Algorithm
  • Support short baseline RTK
  • Support PPS and Event Marker
  • Low power consumption and compact size
  • Output PJK coordinates directly
  • Support maximum 50Hz RTD/RTK


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