K501G OEM Board

K501G is the GPS+GLONASS small sized GNSS OEM board.

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Sino GNSS ’s K501G model is the GPS+GLONASS small sized GNSS OEM board and the partner to the K501 which features the BeiDou constellation. The K501G has advanced dynamic acquisition ability and high accuracy carrier phase algorithms. By using the dual GNSS constellations, our high dynamic processing engine delivers the results even in very challenging environments for GNSS use. With the K501, you can achieve centimetre positioning accuracy.

  • GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2 dual satellite system
  • Configurable GPS/GLONASS single system positioning and GPS+GLONASS multi-system positioning
  • Easy to customize for multi purposes demands
  • Built in 100M internal memory


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