AT190 Helix Antenna

The AT190 is a triple-frequency helix antenna, which supports GPS L1, L2, GLONASS L1, L2 and BeiDou B1, B2, B3 for GNSS satellite applications.

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The AT190 has more than 3.5dBi peak gain and wide-width beam to ensure the signal receiving performance of satellite at low elevation angle. Furthermore, it is equipped with an O-ring and gold-plated SMA connector that make the antenna waterproof grade reach IP67 once installed on a mating surface.

  • GPS L1, L2, GLONASS L1, L2 and BeiDou B1, B2, B3 tracking
  • High gain (3.5dBi) with superior tracking performance at low elevation angle
  • Compact size and low noise figure
  • Ground Plane independent
  • High stability and repeatability at phase center
  • IP67-level waterproof design


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