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Land Surveying

As the first large scale applications for high accuracy GNSS technology, land surveying plays a very important role on making the technology popular. READ MORE



High accuracy GNSS technologies were largely used in farming for auto guidance, auto leveling and other applications. Farmers are going high accura READ MORE


Construction and Mining

Sino GNSS supplies the high accuracy GNSS to various applications in different kinds of harsh work environment. With the strict quality managing system, READ MORE


Unmanned Systems

Accurate GNSS positioning solution is the most important part of the unmanned systems. No doubts that one day when you want to go somewhere you could READ MORE


Deformation Monitoring

As the most important applications on safety, GNSS gives the significant changes on the way of implementing the deformation monitoring. More benefits READ MORE


Precise Timing

Sino GNSS supplies the precise timing GNSS products for different kinds of industries such as telecom, electric grid, finance etc. READ MORE



Sino GNSS GNSS products provide precise and reliable positioning measurements for a wide range of marine applications whether you are in the river, coast READ MORE



With SinoGNSS M300 Pro GNSS CORS Solution you can achieve business growth in a wide range of industries like regional and national po READ MORE


Machine Control

Sino GNSS Technology offers professional high-accuracy positioning solutions for multiple machine control applications. It largely boosts field productiv READ MORE

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